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519492003? 印花長袖衛衣? ¥339

519487001? 幾何植絨長裙? ¥439


The first impression of a pleated skirt is soft and full of surprises. What kind of reaction will it bring to a white sweater? The light texture of half skirt and flocking geometry give people a unique feeling, and the letter printing of the sweater adds a sense of interest and fashion, and the two match a sweet and cool balance.

519440019? 凈色圓領毛衣? ¥169


Less is more. This sentence is used in clothes without offending or feeling. Black turtleneck sweater with creamy trousers brings a simple aesthetic sense of commuting. Put on an oat-colored suit coat and be a woman with a smart soul.

519420002? 立領綁帶襯衫? ¥299


As an autumn all-purpose shirt, there are no more than 100 shirts. This is a bandage shirt, retro little geometric flowers plus small ear edge design, smart age reduction, fabric is warm, with jeans, fashionable but not too strong.

519480003? 小腳哈倫褲? ¥339


Just want to wear a simple autumn and winter season, “first love color” sweater is a fast shortcut. Without too much design, corn-colored diamond sweater, sweet and gentle, it is probably quite a romantic choice in the wardrobe.

519492017? 豹紋長袖衛衣? ¥299


Perhaps not literary, but absolutely attitude, this is the “leopard print”. The letters printed on the sweater show a low profile wildness, and the cuffs spliced the lace edges, striking a distinctive flavor.

519440017? 彩色套頭毛衣? ¥439

519493003? 中長半裙? ¥339


The coloured striped sweater has a nice name, “Rainbow sweater”, probably because it itself is the scenery, so the skirt with corduroy is like icing on the cake. It is retro and eye-catching.

519472003? 壓褶連衣裙? ¥569

One piece的連衣裙,它適當的加入了一些元素賦予別致的浪漫,網紗材質、荷葉邊以及下擺的壓褶都在言說著甜美,輕松褪去秋冬的沉悶。

One Piece’s dress, which has properly added some elements to give chic romance, the mesh material, lotus leaf edge and hem’s folds are all talking sweet, easily fading the depression of autumn and winter.

519441006? 凈色V領毛衣? ¥369


In autumn and winter, it is suitable to wrap oneself in soft clothes. Sweaters are the best choice at this time. Of course, if you want to be a qualified fashion designer, you still have to learn to fold it up, and a light colored jersey with oversized sweater. The A skirt will be the finishing touch to avoid monotony.




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